Monday 06 July 2020
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Publish Date: 21 October 2019 - 21:42
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Iran’s offer to defuse the latest crisis in the region as a result of Turkey’s unwarranted invasion of Syria, by engaging with the governments of the two countries as well as with the Syrian Kurds who are viewed with suspicion by Ankara and whom the U.S. badly ditched after having exploited them for its nefarious goals, is yet another proof of the Islamic Republic’s sincere role for peace and stability in the neighbourhood.
Tehran firmly believes in non-aggression and has said in clear words that Turkey, which has every right to strongly guard its side of the joint border, should desist from setting up any military base on Syrian soil on the assumption of creating so-called safe zones that would displace the local Kurds from their ancestral homes and settle in their places the foreign-funded fugitive rebellious elements who had been terrorizing Syria for the past eight years, and with U.S. help will not hesitate to cause cross-border trouble to Turkey.
President Rajab Tayyeb Erdoghan, who has shown himself to be a man of reason through his regular contacts with his Iranian and Russian counterparts in the framework of the tripartite Astana summit for solution to the 8-year crisis in Syria, is scheduled to visit the Black Sea resort of Sochi for talks with Vladimir Putin in this regard.
This means he is fully aware of the deceitful and untrustworthy nature of the U.S.; two of whose senior officials were recently in Ankara after their president, Donald Trump, had tweeted threats at Turkey’s president.
Washington should be asked to mind its own business and instead of poking its bloody nose in the affairs of West Asia, withdraw every single CENTCOM terrorist from this region – as well as the macabrely murderous takfiri terrorists, it has been using to destabilize Syria and Iraq.      
Regional problems should be resolved by regional parties without intervention by rank outsiders, whether the U.S. or West European regimes, whose only goal is to worsen the crisis through deception and false promises in order to retain their unwarranted and illegal presence in this part of the world.
This was evident by the recent visit to Ankara of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, and the gangster who poses as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on the pretext of ending tensions, but actually to fuel the fires of the conflict.
The 5-day ceasefire worked out by the diabolical duo between the invading Turkish army and the Syrian Kurds is not meant to tackle the root cause of the conflict and find a permanent solution, but to provide breathing space for relocation of the uninvited American forces from the firing zone.
The past eight years of resolute resistance by President Bashar al-
Assad and his recovery of lost territory, is ample proof of the resolve of the legitimate government of Syria in safeguarding its national sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of heavy odds, including the frequent air strikes by the racist Zionist regime.
This warrants Turkey to return to its past policy of "zero problems” with all neighbours, including Syrian Kurds, for the benefit and development of the entire region, since one wrong move will make the border conflict spiral out of control and provide the retreating Americans the pretext to say and hatch joint plots with Israel against one and all.
As said earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran strives for peace and stability, and believes that a summit between Presidents Erdoghan and Assad, will indeed be a blessing for not just Turkey and Syria but for the whole region, which includes the Syrian Kurds, whose birthrights, freedom, and civil liberties in their own ancestral lands should not be violated by any party.

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