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Publish Date: 08 October 2019 - 21:54

GAZA (Dispatches) – Palestinians demonstrated on Tuesday in northern Gaza Strip for lifting an Israeli blockade that has been imposed on the impoverished coastal enclave for 12 years.
The syndicate of trade unions and the highest commission of "the Great March of Return" organized the protest near Erez crossing point in the northern Gaza Strip.
The demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and carried banners saying "the unfair siege which has been imposed on the Gaza Strip must be unconditionally lifted," and "Gaza siege is the biggest crime against humanity."
Raed Abu Hassanein, spokesman of the syndicate, told reporters that the protest is organized "to attract the world's attention to see the crime of the siege on Gaza has caused disastrous consequences that influenced the life aspects."
He called on the international community "to bear its responsibility and stand by the side of the Palestinians against the unjust siege that suffocates the people and fully disabled the trade union and all its fields in Gaza."
Abu Hassanein said that ending the internal Palestinian split would certainly contribute to easing the burdens of the blockade, and called on the Palestinian Authority to help the people in Gaza to confront the blockade's consequences.
Meanwhile, Jamil Eilian, member of the highest commission of "the Great March of Return", slammed the international community for its silence towards the endless Zionist blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.
The Zionist regime has been imposing a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip, a home for 2 million people since 2007.

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