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Publish Date: 16 September 2019 - 21:30

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
It is obvious that the U.S. is sparing no efforts to try to destabilize China, as is evident by the growing violence in Hong Kong.     
Though the Western media has called Washington’s undermining of Beijing’s sovereignty over the former British colony as "fake news,” "disinformation,” and even grounds for censorship from platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the reality cannot be concealed in view of the inherent animosity of Donald Trump towards China as is evident by the trade war.     
We’re talking about the same media that have gone silent on the hundreds of thousands of non-violent Yellow Vest protesters in France who have been demonstrating against corruption, inequality and neoliberalism for almost a year. This same media have rushed to cover and even applaud the demonstrations in Hong Kong.
And if you’ve been following the mainstream corporate media coverage, it seems like the media are just getting started too.
The protests erupted over a proposed amendment to an extradition treaty between Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan.
Recently, Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam withdrew the extradition bill that ignited the protests to begin with. But it seems now that the demonstrators are being incited by the West.
Protesters are openly calling on the United States to intervene and detach Hong Kong from China as they wave the stars and stripes of the American flag. Meanwhile, others broke into the Hong Kong state legislature and hung the colonial United Kingdom flag — a reference to the era before 1997 when the British directly controlled the island as a colony.
Yet a look at the organizations directly involved in leading the unrest and those supporting it reveals unequivocally that it originates in Washington DC – not organically from within Hong Kong itself.
As the US has plotted for decades – as revealed in the Pentagon Papers leaked in 1971 – chaos in Hong Kong is part of a much larger regional and global strategy to encircle and contain China. Hong Kong is meant to serve as a Western foothold within Chinese territory. Efforts by Washington to promote violent separatism in Xinjiang and Tibet have also been ongoing for decades.
By exposing the artificial nature of Hong Kong’s current protests, their illegitimacy can be fully exposed as well – giving the majority of Hong Kong’s population the ability to wrest control of their streets back from this foreign-funded conspiracy against not only Hong Kong, but against China to which Hong Kong once again belongs after nearly two centuries of Anglo-American domination.
China should be extra cautious and on no account allow the American conspiracy to succeed, and this requires firm steps against the breakaway island of Taiwan.

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