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Publish Date: 15 September 2019 - 22:33
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The recent visit to Iran of a prominent Iraqi religious leader and his participation in the mourning ceremony in Tehran on the Day of Ashura for Martyrs of the Tragedy of Karbala, while seated next to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, with the Commander of the elite Qods Force sitting beside him, seems to have surprised, if not shocked, the US, Israel and the reactionary Arab regimes.
For the Islamic Republic of Iran and the revolutionary people of Iraq, as well as for the Resistance Front in the whole region, there was no element of surprise in Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Moqtada as-Sadr’s warm reception by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and the place allotted to him at the VIP platform beside Major-General Qassem Soleimani.
The message was loud and clear. The pictures of the gathering published by the official websites of the two fraternal and friendly countries, indicates that Iran and Iraq attach special importance to their national sovereignty, territorial integrity, cultural affinity, political practicability, economic homogeneity, and religious solidarity.
It means both the neighbours share identical views on the peace, security, stability, and independence of the entire region, which should be cleared of all vestiges of terrorism, including the illegal presence of CENTCOM terrorists.
Sadr, whom the western and Arab media had portrayed as a prodigal, ready to sacrifice Iraq’s independence by drifting away from his roots for a few favours from the Persian Gulf sheikhdoms and his former enemy, the US, has made all calculations go awry by visiting Iran at the right time and choosing the Ashura occasion to announce his unity with the Resistance Front.
Whether Washington, the Zionist entity and the heretical Wahhabi clique of Riyadh likes it or not, Iraq and its various popular forces, including those led by Sadr who heads the largest parliamentary bloc in Baghdad, are one and the same.
They share the same views as Lebanon’s legendary anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, or for that matter the heroic Ansarallah of Yemen, and the Palestinian liberation groups.
All these independent minded forces take inspiration from the Islamic Republic of Iran, since Tehran continues to steadfastly adhere to the timeless movement of Imam Husain (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
In other words, the Resistance Forces consider Seyyed Moqtada Sadr among the pillars of the regional movement against American imperialism, Zionism and Arab reactionaries, side by side with Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah and Ansarallah Leader Seyyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi.
No wonder, Trump, Netanayahu and the Saudis are already beginning to see their dreams of dominating the region turning into nightmares.

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