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Publish Date: 13 August 2019 - 21:28
TEHRAN (IFILM) -- Salento International Film Festival (LliF) in Italy has set to focus on Iranian cinema and art.
Art is an open window towards knowing a country’s culture. Any form of it can work miracles in getting to know a nation’s habits and style of life. Cinema-the seventh art- is perhaps the most vocal form of art that can act as a directing guide to help its viewers through passageways to intruduce a country in a nutshel.
The Italian festival has taken advantage of this fact to present Iran through its cinema. According to the official website of the event ‘…Iran is normally presented through false images- perhaps cinema would be a more accurate medium to learn about deeper levels of society, the moral values and other identity factors’.
The event has adopted a special section titled ‘Focus on Iran’ to show four Iranian shorts namely ‘Endless’ by Maryam Zahirimehr, ‘He Went…’ by Mehdi Esmaeili, Peyman Zandi’s ‘Dance of Life’ and ‘Beloved’ directed by Yaser Talebi.
A photo exhibition will also run during the event that will portray images captured by Mohammad-Reza Domiri Ganji.
The 16th edition of Salento International Film Festival is slated for September 4-8, 2019.

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