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Publish Date: 11 June 2019 - 21:38

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     Today, the 8th of Shawwal is the 96th anniversary of that doleful day in history when the heretical Wahhabi hordes in their lust for loot and the thousand "Majidi (Ottoman) Riyals” that each vandal was promised by the desert brigand of Najd, Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdur-Rahman Aal-e Saud, desecrated and destroyed the tombs of some of the most venerable Islamic figures in the sacred cemetery of Baqi’ in holy Medina, within eyeshot of the sanctified shrine of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
     In addition to the tombs of the aunts, an uncle, wives, and companions of the Prophet, these Godless hordes destroyed the most hallowed edifice of all, the towering white-domed mausoleum under which reposed in eternal peace, Four of the Prophet’s Twelve Infallible Heirs – Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (AS), Imam Zain al-Abedin (AS), Imam Muhammad al-Baqer (AS) and Imam Ja’far as-Sadeq (AS).
    The sacrilegious scene of 1344 AH (1926 AD), which an eyewitness described as "before me, a valley appeared to have been paved with corpses, dried blood staining everywhere all around; there was hardly a tree which didn't have one or two dead bodies near its trunk,” was the second demolition of the Baqi’ Cemetery which Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) used to frequently visit to salute the souls of the departed with the words:
    "Peace upon you, O abode of the faithful! God willing, we should soon join you. O' Allah, forgive the fellows of al-Baqi”.
     The first demolition of Jannat al-Baqi’ was in 1220 AH (1806 AD) by these same ungodly Najdis, who four years earlier had invaded southern Iraq to sack the pilgrim city of Karbala and strip the domes, minarets, porches and halls of the holy shrine of the Chief of Martyrs, Imam Husain (AS), of gold coatings and Persian carpets, after massacring over five thousand men, women, and children.
     On the orders of the Ottoman Sultan, the Egyptian army landed at Jeddah to flush out the Wahhabis from the Land of Revelation, Hijaz, and to send the Aal-e Saudi chief to Istanbul for execution. Ibrahim Pasha, the son of the Khedive of Egypt, Mohammad Ali Pasha, pursued the Wahhabis to their stronghold Diriyya (near present day Riyadh) and completely destroyed Aal-e Saudi clan.
     By 1860, the Ottomans completed the rebuilding of the Baqi’ Cemetery, renovating canopies, domes, and mosques in aesthetic style, and restoring the glory of towering mausoleum of the Four Infallible Imams.
    During World War One, when the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the crafty British resurrected the seditious Saudi clan, helped it seize the vast al-Ahsa region of the eastern (now oil-rich) Shi’a Muslim part of the Arabian Peninsula, aided the blood-soaked seizure of Hijaz (Mecca, Medina, Ta’ef, and Jeddah) in 1925, and in 1932 created the spurious fiefdom called Saudi Arabia to install Abdul-Aziz as king.
     Abdul-Aziz after ordering destruction of the sacred Baqi’ cemetery intended to demolish the holy shrine of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), and an ungodly Wahhabi terrorist had climbed the green dome with a pickaxe, when divine wrath struck him. Fear of the Muslim World, which might mount a joint operation against his blasphemous rule, rather than the fear of God, made the desert brigand desist from further blasphemy.
     For years, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Muslims around the world have been urging Riyadh to rectify its misconstrued policies and allow the Muslims to rebuilt the Jannat al-Baqi’ Cemetery, but to no avail, since the Aal-e Saud, as is evident by their policies bow at the altar of the US and do not even want the Palestinian Muslims to regain their birthrights or liberate the occupied Islamic city of Bayt al-Moqaddas from Zionist control.
      In view of these facts, it is essential for the Ummah to knit ranks, heed the statements of the Prophet, and press for reconstruction of Sacred of Baqi’.
     Unless the holy shrines of the Infallible Imams are restored to their past glory, any talk of liberation of Bayt al-Moqaddas from the Zionist yoke is mere prattle. It is time that the Saudis, along with their state terrorism, were weeded out for good.

Condolences on the Sacrilege of the Sacred Baqi’ Cemetery

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