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Publish Date: 24 May 2019 - 22:04
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The Islamic Republic marks May 24 as the Day of Resistance every year, since the epic liberation of Khorramshahr on this day in 1982 from the year-and-a-half (577 days to be exact) occupation of this once thriving port city by Saddam of the US-supported repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad.
Yesterday, the 37th anniversary of the epic victory of the Bayt al-Moqaddas Operation that coincided this year with the eve of the 19th of the fasting month of Ramadhan, the day the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (AS), was struck the fatal sword blow on his head while engaged in the morning prayer, reminds us again – to quote the Father of the Islamic Revolution – it was God Almighty Who liberated Khorramshahr.
These days, as we commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of the Victor of the crucial battles that were jointly imposed on Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) by the Arab pagans and the Israelite infidels to try to wipe out Islam, we realize the chain of victories Divine Assistance has continued to grant Muslims in Iran and the region, thanks to their spirit of resistance and sacrifice by following firmly in the footsteps of Imam Ali (AS).
Saddam was a heartless tyrant – as all Godless cowards who acquire power are, including the Zionists, their newfound cousins the Arab reactionary regimes, and Donald Trump – and thus his ignominious end is no surprise for the God-wary, let alone his failure to keep his promise: "So powerful is my war machine, if Iranians succeed in retaking Khorramshahr, I will hand over to them the keys of Basra.”
Glory to God, today Basra and all of Iraq are in the hands of our Iraqi brethren, whom we had staunchly supported during the 8-year war the US had imposed upon us through Saddam, and have continued to support them to stand firmly on their feet against American pressures, after recently supporting them with advisors, training and weapons to save their country from the macabrely murderous takfiri terrorists, whose chief sponsor Saudi Arabia had spent scores of billions of dollars to prop up the Ba’thist regime, its war against Iran, and its periodic bouts of massacre of Iraq’s long-oppressed Shi’a Arab majority and the ethnic Kurds.
It means, we should never heed the words of the wayward, whether their verbal promises, whether their written commitments to any accords bearing their own signatures, whether their pretensions to peace, whether their threats of war, or whether their denial of any intentions to attack.
In other words, the believers rely only on their own prowess; the acumen of the intellect granted by God; their political prudence; their spirit of resistance; their ability to invent, innovate, and improvise in all fields, including defence; and their selfless sacrifices to achieve immortal martyrdom in order to materialize their upright objectives.  
To be more precise, the victory of right over might is solely indebted to the Infinite Power of the Almighty Creator, Who without the least doubt supports those who strive relentlessly in His Path for promotion of peace, stability and justice against the devilish designs of the satanic elements.
We are thus the least perturbed by the economic terrorism of the US, its over-inflated military might, its supposedly sophisticated technology, and its war dance to try to trap us in renegotiations on our nuclear, missile, aerospace, cyber, and other inalienable rights, including our fraternal ties with the legal governments, people, and popular mobilization forces striving against terrorism, American hegemony and the illegal rule of the unrepresentative regimes, and last but not the least, the fast approaching goal of the liberation of Islam’s former qibla, Bayt al-Moqaddas.
This is the message of the liberation of Khorramshahr and the chain reaction of liberations of the peoples of the region that the Iranian Muslims triggered through the Bayt al-Moqaddas Operations, resulting in not just the liberation of Iraq from the Ba’thists and then the US occupation, but the liberation of southern Lebanon, the liberation of Gaza, the liberation of Syria’s terrorist-occupied territories, the liberation process in Yemen, and the aspirations of liberation of the people of Bahrain, mainland Arabia, Afghanistan, and other lands, especially Palestine from which the Zionists will be definitely driven out.

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