Sunday 22 September 2019
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Publish Date: 20 May 2019 - 21:19
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
"If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran”.
Donald the Dotard who tweeted the above-mentioned genocidal threat is clearly in a state of delirium, and seems to be on a suicidal course with the never-ending blaze of the eternal inferno awaiting to roast his body as Divine Punishment, while in the mortal world, following his horrible exit, the US will meet its deserving end.
It is obvious that the dastardly US president who at times says, he doesn’t want to involve the US into any war, is being dragged into one because of his deranged condition, by such blighted buffoons in his administration, as the gangster Mike Pompeo and the bespectacled bozo John Bolton.
Trump, who is grossly ignorant of Persia’s millennia-old history let alone the dynamic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and the Infallible Ahl al-Bayt which transformed Iran into the centre of Islamic civilization over a thousand years ago and which over the past four decades have made the Islamic Republic a power to reckon with on the international scene, is also being pushed towards the edge of the precipice by that racist children-killing criminal Benjamin Netanyahu and the chief of the takfiri terrorists MBS (Mohamed bin Salman).
If the man had commonsense he would not have breached the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) on Iran’s nuclear rights, neither resorted to economic terrorism through sanctions against the Islamic Republic, nor sent his worthless military forces towards the Persian Gulf region for possible return in body bags.
It is dangerous to play with fire. The flames of war can never be controlled, and very often reduce to ashes those who ignite them.
The Islamic Republic is a nation of indomitable people with aversion for weapons of mass destruction, whose production Islam forbids, and hence do not like mischief-makers to meddle in the neighbourhood, whether directly or through terrorists to rain down missiles on towns and cities for massacring men, women, and children, as the US proxies do in Yemen, in Gaza, in Syria, in Afghanistan, and in Iraq.
At the same time, Iran, as part of its Islamic duty and national security, will never hesitate from supporting the oppressed countries and people of the region striving to safeguard their sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of state and non-state terrorism, and for materialization of the denied birthrights of the sons of the soil.
This means that the recent spate of attacks in the region, whether in the Afghan city of Herat, whether in the UAE port of Fujairah that damaged some oil tankers, whether in Syria, or whether Sunday’s landing of a rocket in the diplomatic green zone of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad – supposedly in the vicinity of the US embassy – should be traced to the Americans themselves, or their terrorist proxies, such as the Zionists and the takfiris.
The Fujairah blasts were not the work of the popular Ansarallah Movement of Yemen, which bravely announces its retaliatory actions against the aggressors, as in the case of the drones that destroyed the Yanbu oil installations in Saudi Arabia.
Similarly, either the unidentified drone over the US embassy in Baghdad that reportedly caused panic at the American mission last Thursday, or the Katyusha shell that harmlessly landed at the green zone on Sunday night, is definitely not the work of Iraq’s Hashd ash-Sha’bi who have the courage to take responsibility for any act of counter-terrorism.
In other words, these cowardly incidents, in the aftermath of the evacuation of ‘non-essential’ US nationals from Iraq, are meant to browbeat into submission the elected Iraqi government, as well as to find a pretext for the threatened American military action for elimination of the Hashd ash-Sha’bi, since this popular force is a formidable bulwark against the joint US-Saudi-Zionist plot to carry out a coup for installing a puppet regime in Baghdad.
Washington, having failed to cow down the Islamic Republic, cannot risk any suicidal armed conflict with Tehran, which is fully confident of its victory, and is thus intent on destabilizing Iraq, which feels indebted to Iran for having saved it from the takfiri terrorists and which depends for its development on its ever-reliable neighbour.
Fortunately, the Iraqi people and the popular forces, fully aware of the realities of the region where Lebanon’s legendary anti-terrorism movement, the Hezbollah, and Yemen’s indefatigable Ansarallah, as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad of Palestine, which time and again have proven their prowess to defeat the aggressors, are determined to defeat the US-Saudi-Zionist plots.
The first step in this direction seems to be the bill under discussion at the Iraqi parliament for expulsion of the US troops, whose exit will definitely weaken the terrorist cells and make the country more resistant to US pressures, including the uninvited visits by American officials.

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