Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Publish Date: 09 January 2019 - 22:03
OCCUPIED AL-QUDS (Dispatches) -- A former Israeli minister charged with spying for archenemy Iran will serve 11 years in prison as part of a plea bargain with authorities, the occupying regime’s so-called justice ministry said Wednesday.
The ministry said Gonen Segev agreed to the deal after confessing to severe espionage and passing information to an enemy. The plea bargain will be brought to a judge next month and no further information was provided.
The announcement capped another stunning turn of events for Segev, who served as energy minister under prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in the mid-1990s and was later imprisoned for trying to smuggle drugs into Occupied Palestine.
Segev was extradited from Equatorial Guinea and arrested upon arrival in Occupied Palestine last May on suspicion of acting as an agent for Iranian intelligence and relayed information about the "energy market and security sites in Israel.”
The Zionist regime’s Shin Bet security service initially said Segev met with his operators twice in Iran, and also met with Iranian agents in hotels and apartments around the world. A gag order was placed on most of the details.
In August, Iran’s intelligence minister commented on state television about his country’s successful recruitment of a former cabinet-level official from a "hostile” regime, though he did not mention Segev by name.
An Iranian intelligence official recently said that Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu feared other Israeli officials might be spying for Iran.
Segev’s arrest grabbed headlines across the world which saw it a big victory for Iran in its ongoing intelligence war with the occupying regime of Israel.
Director-general for the anti-espionage section of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry was quoted as saying by Iranian media last month that Netanyahu had given Israeli security services a confidential order to check if Zionist officials, lawmakers and security personnel had contacts with Iran over the past six months.
His remarks came after Netanyahu bragged that Zionist agents periodically visited Iran to monitor the country’s nuclear program.
The Iranian intelligence official rejected Netanyahu’s claims, saying the Zionist leader had made the false assertion because he was under immense pressure following the Segev case.
The Tasnim news agency’s national security correspondent Hussein Dalirian said Iran’s access to the confidential order by Netanyahu showed Tehran’s infiltration into the highest echelon of the Zionist regime.   

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