Monday 24 June 2019
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Publish Date: 10 October 2018 - 21:34
By: S. Nawabzadeh
     Notorious for her nonsensical remarks, both at the UN and outside its premises, Nimrata Randhawa, who liked to call herself Nikki Haley, has made her unsung exit from the World Body.
     We in Iran are neither happy nor sad to see her back after almost two years of the most preposterous lies she has been glibly uttering against the Islamic Republic as well as against all realities of the Free World which her boss, Donald Trump loathes.
      We actually amused at the way she quickly burnt himself and reached a dead-end as her raving and ranting against all and sundry, embarrassed the White House, which has decided a new face is required at the UN, instead of the boring repetitive remarks of a hag who had exhausted herself.
     Of course, we do not expect Randhawa’s replacement at the World Body to be any better – if not worse – than her, since it is ingrained in the US administrations, whether Republican or Democrat, to merely follow the devil’s path and stand against everything that is beneficial to the world and humanity.
     For the past four decades, every US ambassador at the UN was outrageously anti-Iranian and the trend is bound to continue unless there are fundamental changes in Washington or the supposedly great United States of America ceases to be a superpower by splitting into several insignificant North American countries.
      We don’t want to recount how shamelessly Nikki Haley lied and tried to distort the facts about Iran, about Yemen, about Syria, about Iraq, about Russia, about North Korea, about climatic problems, about NAFTA, and in short about all and everything, knowing fully she was uttering the untruths, in violation of the fundamentals of the Sikh religion into which was born and brought up, in addition to trampling the tenets of Christianity which claims she has been practicing ever since she married army officer Michael Haley.
    Nikki, who slavishly serves the roguish US president, Donald Trump, has become so enamoured of the decadent American culture that she seems totally unconcerned about tarnishing her Punjabi Indian roots, while going gaga over the despotic Saudi regime, the illegal Zionist entity, the takfiri terrorists, and other lawless elements.
     It was but natural for the Indian government to ignore her when she visited India a few months ago as the personal envoy of Trump to try to persuade New Delhi to not just cut oil imports from Iran but severe millennia old ties between the two ancient lands. The Indian policymakers realized that she and other US officials were talking nonsense, even when they threatened to penalize India for commercial ties with Iran.
     It is amusing that even after announcing her resignation and its acceptance by her master, without any inhibitions she bragged that in less than two years she has reduced the might of Iran by making the Islamic Republic of Iran, which she claimed had taken over almost all of West Asia, fight for its very survival today.
     Nimrata the nincompoop was simply paraphrasing what Trump the dotard had said a couple of weeks ago during his speech at the 73 UN General Assembly that within two years he had accomplished what his predecessors had been unable to do over the past two centuries.
      Her dramatics, although dismissed by critics as "fake and fabricated”, and shrugged off by US defence experts as "dangerous brinkmanship by Trump & Team” which could badly backfire against American interests, were cheered by none other than the trio of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the illegal Zionist entity – all three of which think God has failed them and only the Great Satan can prolong their precarious existence.
     To sum up, forget the speculation that Nikki is positioning herself as a presidential candidate for the next elections – Trump will blast her into oblivion for daring to challenge him. When Hillary Clinton couldn’t succeed, there is no chance for the likes of Nimrata to get even a consideration for the apex post from the Republican party!.

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