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Publish Date: 12 September 2018 - 21:48
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The blood of the innocent continues to flow in Afghanistan as terrorists, backed by the US occupation forces, revel in carrying out deadly bomb blasts by doling out a paltry sum to some unsuspecting persons to carry explosive-filled bags which are detonated through remote control once the poor guy is in the midst of a crowd.
The cowardly terrorists, aided by the western press, then release statements claiming it was a suicide attack by the self-styled Islamists.
The same scenario was repeated on Tuesday in Nangarhar Province, eastern Afghanistan, resulting in the death of over 70 men, women, and children and injury to almost 200 others.
According to reports, hundreds of demonstrators blocking the highway between the provincial capital Jalalabad and the Torkham border crossing with Pakistan, were targeted by the Daesh terrorists, who are being stealthily airlifted to Afghanistan from Syria and Iraq by the US.
The killing of peaceful protests by the terrorists, came on the heels of the multiple bombings targeting schools in Jalalabad.
The protesters had come from Achin district to demand the removal of a local police commander. It is still not clear whether or not that unnamed police officer has any links with Daesh, which is thriving in Nangarhar.
Alarms have been raised of more such attacks in view of the parliamentary polls scheduled to be held in October, in preparation of which it is common for political parties and their followers to organize rallies and step up election campaigns.       
Unfortunately, there seems no end to the sufferings of the Afghan people. As usual, the government of President Ashraf Ghani has condemned the blasts but it seem the security personnel are helpless to prevent such incidents in view of the infiltration of terrorists with help from the US occupation authorities.
Former president, Hamed Karzai, has also denounced these attacks of terrorism and charged the Daesh terrorist outfit for carrying out such dastardly killing of the innocent. He also called for probe into the war crimes of the US occupation forces.
This means the Americans, despite their denials, are the main culprits for the ruin and destruction of Afghanistan. This is proven by little attention paid to the continued loss of Afghan life by the West, since these blasts by Daesh do not effect the US or NATO occupation troops in Afghanistan
Interestingly, the latest acts of terrorism came after the unannounced visit to Kabul of US Secretary of War, "Mad Dog” James Mattis. Speculations are rife that that senior American officials normally issue instructions for more violence and bloodshed after visiting Afghanistan.
Afghans are beginning to ask why the United States, 17 years after occupying their country, has neither managed to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan nor done anything for its development.
The question is: Why don’t the US occupation forces leave our country? What is their motive in turning Afghanistan into a large killing field, with terrorist outfits given a free rein to indulge in violence and bloodshed?

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