Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Publish Date: 11 July 2018 - 21:28

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The latest terrorist attacks in Afghanistan on Wednesday that resulted in the martyrdom of at least ten people by the Takfiri outfit, has come on the heels of the US Secretary of State’s stealth visit to Kabul and the open frustration expressed by his boss Donald Trump on the inability of the American occupation forces to defeat the Taleban.
It is the clear who the real perpetrators are and for what reason they are wantonly shedding the blood of innocent people.
It is easy to blame the Afghan security forces for inability to properly guard the government building in the eastern city Jalalabad where the two explosions occurred yesterday morning – ten days after the Takfiri terrorists had carried out a similar attack in the same city.
On closer scrutiny, however, the real culprit is the US, which is still airlifting to Afghanistan more and more of the defeated Daesh terrorists from Syria and Iraq, and like its deceptive role in the Levant, does not hesitate to breach the security cordon set by the Afghan forces by sneaking in the Takfiri terrorists to carry out such bomb blasts.
Moreover, Mike Pompeo, who is neither a diplomat nor has any sense of intelligence despite his brief one year-stint as head of the notorious US spying network, CIA, was not on an excursion to Afghanistan.
It is obvious to all those with political perception that this Italian-American cannot hide his reputation of a gangster from the days of his mafia-like shady business deals, before joining the administrative apparatus and finally being hired by the current criminal-minded US president to indulge in dirty work around the world under guise of a foreign affairs expert.
With Washington firmly behind them, the dastardly Daesh terrorists have no fear of the Afghan government or its security forces, and will continue to further destabilize the country, unless and until the Afghan officials and the people realize that their chief enemy is the US.
In other words, as long as the American occupation troops stay and US officials allowed to visit Kabul at will, there will be no peace and security in Afghanistan, and such cowardly terrorist attacks will continue to occur.
We express our sympathy with the suffering people of Afghanistan and with those still trapped inside the compound of the government building in Jalalabad where the Wednesday terrorist blasts occurred and where relief efforts are underway.
We had said before and we repeat it again that what Afghanistan needs to protect itself from terrorists and terrorism is formation of popular people’s militias that should be ready to confront the designs of the American occupation forces as well.
Till then, not just Jalalabad, the capital of the terrorist-infested Nangarhar Province that yesterday witnessed the third major bomb blasts in less than two weeks, but other regions might be exposed to the terrorism of the American-supported Daesh outfit.

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