Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Publish Date: 16 April 2018 - 22:04
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Not just the conscientious people of India, but the whole civilized world is in a state of profound shock on learning of the brutalized murder of 8-year old Asefa Bano, who was kidnapped, tortured, drugged, gang-raped, and then after several days of repeated abuse, was bludgeoned to death, and that too in a temple, and of all the people, by a government official and a special police officer.
A temple houses the deities the idolaters worship as gods, or as incarnations of the One and Only Creator of the whole universe; hence it is supposed to be a holy place where human beings ought to be treated with respect and given protection in case they are in danger or are being persecuted.
A priest is supposed to be a pious person who is not just expected to abstain from sins, but ought to preach the word of God to instill compassion in hearts and tolerance in minds for the creatures of God so that others do not commit sins or crimes – at least those in personal contact with him and in the premises of the temple.
A government official, whether retired or in service, is supposed to abide by the constitution of the country in order to safeguard social justice.
A police officer is supposed to be observer, protector and enforcer of law and order; keen on safeguarding peace and stability in his place of assignment, so the area under his jurisdiction remains free of crimes.
Yet, in the case of the innocent Kashmiri Muslim girl of the nomad Bakarval tribe of Kathua that follows the centuries-old pattern of grazing sheep and horses, unconnected to either the politics of the disputed Himalayan region or the rabidly communal atmosphere created by hate-filled politicians, all the four above-mentioned elements or factors joined together, with a few others to traumatize and sexualize, and brutalize her to death, under the protection of the elected members of the legislative assembly, the parliament, and even ministers.
According to reports, the culprits were a retired government official, his son who came from another city to "satisfy his lust”, his juvenile nephew and his close friend, and the special police officer were all part of the conspiracy and crime to kidnap, rape and kill the eight-year-old girl.
It means the priest who solemnized the detention, drugging, gang-rape, and finally murder of the minor girl in the temple and in front of the idols, had no faith in the deities he ritually worshipped.
It means the government official who came with his son and juvenile nephew to satisfy lust, was making a mockery of the country’s constitution,
It also means that the special police officer, 28-year Deepak Khajuria, who on being ordered by the priest and the politician to murder Asefa after she was made to satisfy their carnal desires, requested that he be allowed to rape the drugged girl for the last time, before she is killed.
Such is the sorry state of affairs in not just Kashmir, but in many parts of India, especially after the Muslim-hating BJP won the elections to form the national government.
The family of the victims are demanding justice, which is not so easy to come, even if for the time being the culprits have been arrested – mainly to cool down tempers.
The public, whether Muslim or Hindu, is calling for punishment of the culprits, who after a lengthy court procedure that would drag on for years, will eventually be set free.
Of late, India has earned the dubious distinction of detaining the innocent and giving a free hand to the culprits, especially the communal ones.
What India needs is social justice, but no one in the government, not even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who hops around the world meeting leaders of foreign countries including Heads of Muslim state, seem interested in redressing the wrongs.
Which means, the current chaotic state of affairs is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, until something drastic takes place to rectify the misconstrued policies.

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