Sunday 16 December 2018
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Publish Date: 13 March 2018 - 20:40
By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The repressive minority regime in the Persian Gulf island state of Bahrain is overplaying its hand in the region, in addition to its tyrannical violation of the rights of citizens, especially the long suppressed Shi’a Muslim majority, which is campaigning peacefully for representative rule in the face of inhuman atrocities.
While the freedom struggle is underway for the past seven years with the people resolved to take back their rights one day, and today marks the 7th anniversary of the Aal-e Khalifa regime’s invitation to Godless Wahhabi troops from Saudi Arabia to try to crush the popular movement through desecration of religious sanctities, news comes of the repeated violation of the airspace of neighbouring Qatar by Bahraini aircraft over the past few days, along with disclosure by Doha of the Manama regime’s involvement in the abortive coup to overthrow the Aal-e Thani rulers in 1996.
This is nothing but roguish behaviour on the part of Sheikh Hamad Aal-e Khalifa, who presently styles himself king, and who in 1996 as Heir Apparent to his equally cruel father Sheikh Isa, had supported and financed subversive operations inside Qatar, as a new investigation has found out.
The investigation provided evidence of the involvement of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well, in the failed Bahraini-sponsored coup d’etat in Qatar some twenty-two years ago.
Fahd al-Maliki, a coup leader, has admitted that Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Aal-e Khalifa personally financed a series of sabotage operations and bombings in the Qatari capital against the then Emir Sheikh Hamad Aal-e Thani, father of Qatar’s present ruler, Emir Tamim.
Maliki, who fled to the UAE after the failed coup, confessed that he received $265,000 from the present Bahraini ruler, who was then the Heir Apparent, for targeting government institutions in Doha.
The bomb, however, failed to explode, and like the current abortive attempts of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE in boycotting Qatar, the 1996 attempt was also a bid to derail the independent foreign policy of Doha.
These facts prove that tiny Bahrain is trying to punch above its size, and will sooner, rather than later, will have to bear the dire consequences of its crimes against neighbours, against the suffocating citizens, against fellow Arabs (as is the case with the betrayal of the Palestinian cause), and against Islam – in view of Sheikh Hamad’s approval of the plans of the illegal Zionist entity and the US for making the occupied Islamic city of Bayt al-Moqaddas, the capital of usurper Israel.
As the English adage goes: Birds of the same feather gather together. The Aal-e Khalifa regime knows fully well that its ancestors, who were pirates infesting the waters off Khor Abdullah between Iraq and Kuwait, had illegally seized Bahrain.
This means, Sheikh Hamad has no right to rule the people of Bahrain, and whatever measures he has taken, including attempts to change the demography by granting citizenship to mercenaries from other countries and depriving Bahrainis of their ancestral citizenship, are as illegal as the Zionist rule in Palestine.
The regime thinks that as long as the US and Britain, along with regional bully Saudi Arabia, supports it, nothing will happen.
This is nothing but a delusion. There is no guarantee how long the Saudi clan will survive. Moreover, the US, which has its 5th fleet based in Bahrain, might anytime change its policies.
Even if Washington and London continued to stubbornly back the Aal-e Khalifa minority regime, people’s power and Divine Help to them should never be discounted.
As the bare-handed Iranian Muslim people, without any supporters, succeeded in throwing into the dustbin of history the armed-to-the-teeth Pahlavi potentate who had the full backing of the West and also of the East, the end is fast approaching for Sheikh Hamad and his henchmen.
Surely one cannot escape the Wrath of God for crimes against humanity.

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