Thursday 21 February 2019
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Publish Date: 13 February 2018 - 20:59
Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
    The rules of the "war games” have definitely changed in the skies of Levant with the recent downing of an American-built supersonic multirole F-16 fighter plane of the Zionist air force by Syria’s anti-aircraft batteries to repel the latest unprovoked Israeli air raid near Damascus.
     After days of dodging queries and giving misleading answers, such as engine fault, the illegal Zionist entity finally admitted that its supposedly invincible aircraft had taken a direct hit from Syrian air defences and reduced to rubble.
    Syria said it had hit more than one aircraft, and whether or not Israel admits the debacle, it means the myth of Zionist superiority in the skies, coupled with the power of the "beautiful weapons” which the US supplies, is a thing of the past.
     It was the first downing of an Israeli aircraft since 1982, and as Damascus has said in an official statement: Any violation of Syrian airspace will meet the fate of the F-16.
    This is indicative of the growing self-confidence of the Syrian army to give a fitting reply to its avowed enemy, Israel, after having routed the Takfiri terrorists, whom the unholy trinity of Saudi Arabia, the US, and the Zionist entity, had created in a bid to weaken and disintegrate Syria.
    The free world, including the regional people, have welcomed Damascus’ downing of the F-16, which illegally crossed Lebanon’s airspace to attack Syria.
     Lebanon has lodged a complaint with the UN in this regard, and the country’s legendary anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, has said that from now onwards Israeli aggression will not go unanswered.
     The Palestinians, badly let down by Arab reactionary regimes, are jubilant at the latest developments. It gives them new confidence to confront the frequent Israeli aggressions on Gaza, and this is possible by forging closer defence ties with the legal government of Syria and the popular forces of the region, such as Hezbollah.
     The US, which was shocked at the sophistication of Syrian weaponry in downing the F-16, after initial silence, has shamelessly announced support for the state terrorism of Israel.
     This has further exposed the ugly face of Washington, which has no right to meddle in this part of the world.
     The Americans and the Zionists are trying to blame Iran, which as the major regional power, has sent advisors to Damascus on official invitation by the government of Syria, unlike the US occupation forces in parts of terrorist-controlled Syrian territory.
     The Islamic Republic, dismissing the allegation of Israel’s shooting down of an Iranian drone on the borders of occupied Palestine as "too ludicrous to warrant a response," has announced, without mincing words, its full support for Syria’s right to defend itself against any aggression, especially since part of the Golan Heights continues to be under Zionist occupation.
     Syria has the right to upgrade its defences, and purchase state-of-the-art military technology from any supplier producing weapons that are capable of neutralizing the US-supplied weaponry of the Zionist entity.
     In other words, whatever the source of Syria’s new air defences, these seem to be more than a match for the US-Zionist armaments, as was proven earlier on the battlefields of Aleppo, Deir az-Zour, Palmyra and other places, where the US-trained militias suffered defeat after disastrous defeat at the hands of the Syrian army, the popular Shabiha Sunni Muslim forces, and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies.
    These developments have indeed sent shivers down the spine of Washington, which has seen the inability of its patriot missile system to prevent the Yemeni missiles from zeroing on their targets in Saudi Arabia.
     With the myth of invincibility of the US and Israel shattered, Insha Allah (God Willing), the day is not far when Palestine will be liberated and as the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA), had predicted, the cancerous tumour called Israel will be weeded out from the map of West Asia.

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