Saturday 19 January 2019
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Publish Date: 12 January 2018 - 21:51

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
It is often said North America, especially the US, is a usurped land under occupation of the racist white-skinned Anglo-Saxons, who resorted to genocide to exterminate the native Amerindians (the so-called redskins) in order to seize their vast lands and then enslaved hundreds of thousands of black people kidnapped off the coasts of West Africa to lay the foundations of a flourishing economy and industry, without feeling indebted to the sweat and blood of their victims.
Even the White House, the apex of political power in the US, was built entirely by black labour at the turn of the 19th century so that the white men could continue to commit with comfort the most horrible crimes against humanity.
As the Anglo-Saxons expanded south and westwards to seize extensive swathes of Mexico, new waves of immigrants arrived in tens of thousands from China. The settlers of European origin, unwilling to share the resources and riches of the New World, forced the Chinese to work in mines and to lay the railway network. They made the hardworking and skillful Chinese suffer racial discrimination at every level of society by stirring up fears in the ordinary American of the "yellow peril” and finally passed the Chinese Exclusion Act in the early 20th century to bar them any eligibility for citizenship.
Fast forward to the Donald Trump era and the new period of racism in the usurped land called the United States of America – after skipping the periodic massacres of the Chinese, such as the Rock Springs and Snake River incidents, and the transportation to China of tens of thousands of tons of bones dug up from mass graves.
On Thursday, during an official meeting, when the US president insulted the black-skinned people and their countries of origin as "shitholes”, he not only betrayed his low, immoral and ill-begotten racist background, but removed the fig leaf covering the diplomatically-deceitful discriminatory policies of the previous administrations.
So obscene were his words that several countries as well as the UN took strong objections to his vile and vulgar language, which according to Senator Dick Durbin, who attended the meeting on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) "shitholes” was the "exact word used by President Trump, not just once, but repeatedly.”
The shameless Trump, whether he is mentally unstable, as psychiatrists say, or deliberately acts like a dotard, again resorted to preposterous lies to deny he ever used such a word, little knowing that the cat was out of the bag.
No sane person in the world believes Trump’s denials, and as a shocked Durbin said: "I cannot imagine a moment where a president sunk to that depth.”
The UN human rights office said the comments, were "shocking and shameful” and "racist.”
The question arises; "For how long do the American people and the world have to tolerate such a megalomaniac, who among a spate of quixotic decisions, threatens North Korea with nuclear bombs, violates the 7-nation nuclear accord on Iran’s peaceful atomic energy projects by imposing more of his illegal sanctions, calls for building a wall between Mexico and the Mexican territories under US occupation, and declares the occupied Islamic holy city of Bayt al-Moqaddas as capital of the illegal Zionist entity?
The sooner this madman is brought to justice, the better, but no one expects the flawed justice system of the usurped land of US to mete out justice to Trump, because of the undeniable fact that the whole system in Washington stinks.
As said earlier, the US is a usurped land – like Israel that has no right to exist on the soil of Palestine – and usurpers have no sense of morals or self-dignity.
This warrants the free world to be on constant guard against the satanic nature of Uncle Sam, as the Islamic Republic of Iran very well knows.

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