Sunday 21 October 2018
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Publish Date: 06 December 2017 - 23:27

TEHRAN (Dispatches) -- U.S. plans to move its embassy in Occupied Palestine to occupied Jerusalem Al-Quds are a sign of desperation, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday.
"That they claim they want to announce Quds as the capital of Occupied Palestine is because of their incompetence and paralysis," Ayatollah Khamenei said.
The Leader made the remarks to a group of top Iranian officials, regional officials and religious figures attending a conference in Tehran promoting Islamic unity and marking the anniversary of the birth of Islam's Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).
Iran has long supported the Palestinian struggle against the Zionist occupation of their land.
"The issue of Palestine today is at the top of the political issues for Muslims and everyone is obligated to work and struggle for the freedom and salvation of the people of Palestine," Ayatollah Khamenei said.
"The Islamic world will undoubtedly stand against this plot and the Zionists will receive a big blow from this action and dear Palestine will be liberated," he added.
The Leader said the United States has not been able to reach its goals and seeks to destabilize the region.
"On the issue of Palestine, (U.S.) hands are tied and they cannot advance their goals," Ayatollah Khamenei said, saying the Palestinian people would be victorious.
"American government officials have said themselves that we have to start a war in the region to protect the security of the Zionist regime."
The Leader described the arrogant front and their allies as the "modern-day pharaohs” represented by the U.S., the Zionist regime, and their accomplices in the region who seek to create wars in the region.
Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran's opposition to Israel and support for the Palestinian cause has been central to its foreign policy.
The issue has again come to the fore in recent weeks amid frequent reports that Saudi Arabia has sought to build ties with the Zionist regime.
Iran is dedicated to building unity among Islamic countries, Ayatollah Khamenei said, but "unfortunately there are rulers and elites in this region that dance to the tune of the U.S.: they do whatever the U.S. desires against Islam."
The Leader said, "We advise them: the outcome of what some states, in region, are doing will be as Qur’an says, 'their own destruction.'"
At the same gathering, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, "Quds belongs to Islam, Muslims and the Palestinians, and there is no place for new adventurism by global oppressors."
Iran wants "peace and stability" in the region but will not tolerate the violation of Islamic holy sites, Rouhani said.
"No Muslim population, including Iran, will tolerate the violation of oppressors and Zionists against Islamic holy sites," Rouhani said.

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