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Publish Date: 29 November 2017 - 21:03
MEXICO CITY (Dispatches)–
"Kupal” written and directed by
Kazem Mollaie won the best film
award in the international section
at 2017 FICMA film festival, Mexico.
The second de Cine con Medios Alternativos (FICMA) which
focuses on new technologies in
cinema was held from 22-25 November in Mexico City, the capital
city of Mexico.
In the closing ceremony, ‘Kupal’
was given the best film award in
the international section, while
‘Selfie’ by David Lorenz won the
best short film award and ‘Ishinomaki Rock’n Roll City’ by Federico Aletta won the best short documentary film award.
Kupal will be shown in Light
of Asia section at the 12th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival
and in the world cinema section
at 2017 Delhi International Film
"Kupal” tells the story of a hunter and a taxidermist, Dr. Ahmad
Kupal (starring Levon Haftvan)
who, on the last day of the year,
faces an unexpected challenge.
Meanwhile, the best film and
best screenplay have been awarded to the ‘Mermaid’ directed by
Masoud Aghababaeian at the
Mediterranean Festival Cannes.
The movie ‘Mermaid’ produced
by Mohammad Reza Arab was
awarded the best film of the Mediterranean Film Festival, which is
underway between November 25-30. Furthermore, the best screenplay was given to Amir Masoud
Aghababaeian, who scripted and
directed it.
‘Mermaid’ has had six international screenings so far and has
won the Best Film Award at the
Kolkata International Wildlife &
Environment Film Festival.
‘Mermaid’ tells the story of Younis who is a survivor of a diving
team in Iran-Iraq war and lives
near the Persian Gulf. He wants
to build a status under the Persian
Gulf as a memorial to his friends
who were martyred in Persian
Gulf. Meanwhile, he is struggling
with water pollution caused by oil

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