Monday 25 June 2018
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Publish Date: 16 July 2017 - 21:00

WASHINGTON (Dispatches) -- Protestors have demonstrated across the United States demanding the impeachment of President Donald Trump, with more events planned to voice anger at the current direction of the country.
RefuseFascism organized the protests, which took place in at least 15 locations, including Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Phoenix, Washington, Boston, Portland and Los Angeles.
The group is calling for the end to the Trump-Pence administration, saying daily it escalates its fascist attacks on immigrants and Muslims, on healthcare and the poor, on Black and Brown people, on women, on the media, on the environment, on the right to protest, on the truth.
In Atlanta, protestors gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and marched along Atlanta's Beltline. At Trump Tower in New York City, supporters and protestors held signs and chanted across the street from each other.
Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, where Trump's star on the Walk of Fame has been vandalized several times over the last year, was also another protest site where at least 2 people were arrested.
The arrests resulted from a scuffle among two rival groups of demonstrators outside the busy Hollywood and Highland shopping complex.
One Trump supporter was arrested on suspicion of battery after he punched an anti-Trump protester, Los Angeles police Sgt. Neil Wank said.
"He shoved a bullhorn in my face,” said the victim who identified himself only as Graywolf, 72. "I pushed him back and he decided that was enough provocation to hit me in the face. He was promptly arrested, and I will be filing charges on this guy.”
This is the second time that Trump supporters and opponents have faced off along Hollywood Boulevard. In March, several activists on both sides held similar demonstrations.
"This is my second anti-Trump march that I’ve had in two weeks,” said demonstrator Carrie Copsin. "We want him out of the White House. He does not represent the American people as far as I’m concerned.”
The U.S. Constitution stipulates that a president can be impeached for committing "high crimes and misdemeanors," but a majority vote in the House, currently controlled by Republicans, is required to impeach a president.

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