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Publish Date: 09 July 2014 - 22:05
TEHRAN (MNA) – Iranian local music band ‘Gil va Amard’ will perform concert of Gilaki dialect in Sweden in September.
A researcher on Iranian Gilaki music told Mehr News that the Gil va Amard will perform a new performance on August 19 and 20 to surprise the audience familiar with a new version of Gilaki music.
Naser Vahdati detailed on the concert and added that Iranian traditional music roots in its history and culture, narrating events happening to the people.
He added that local music of Iranian northern Kurds and Lurs are included in the concert performance.
He also pointed to a live concert in Sweden by the Iranian Gil va Amard band in coming September.
This Gilaki singer has performed and published different music albums in Gilaki dialect and books about Gilaki tradition style on music.

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