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Publish Date: 10 April 2016 - 21:13

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has a lot of nerves to ask Iran help stop the twin wars on Yemen and Syria.
 At a press conference in Bahrain on Thursday, April 7, Kerry urged Tehran to "help us end the war in Yemen... help us end the war in Syria, not intensify, and help us to be able to change the dynamics of this region.”
He also said Iran should "prove to the world that it wants to be a constructive member of the international community and contribute to peace and stability.”
Few points are worth mentioning in this respect:  
* In the year-long campaign of Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen, the bombs that do the killing of innocent civilians came from the United States not Iran. The United States and its NATO cohorts should pull the plug on arms to the Saudis or further share responsibility for civilian lives lost. Meaning, it is not Iran that has waged an illegal war on the poorest country. It is the House of Saud and its regional and Western partners in crime that need to stop the ongoing bloodshed. Simply put, John Kerry is barking at the wrong tree.
* According to a new report by Human Rights Watch, the Saudi-led killing of civilians in Yemen will not go away as long as they have access to the U.S.-supplied weaponry. There should be an embargo on weapons to Saudi Arabia in order to stop the war. Also, the West should send a clear message to Riyadh that they want no part in unlawful killings of civilians. Kerry is wasting his time to call on Iran to do this.
* There have been outraged calls for an embargo on weapons sales to Saudi Arabia in response to its bombing campaign in Yemen, most notably from the EU and the Netherlands. Tragic enough, the hypocrites in Washington have remained silent and continue to sell weapons to the Saudis.
* The U.S. is deeply intertwined with Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen as well as the ongoing blockade, including specific military operations. It includes providing advice on targeting decisions and aerial refueling during bombing raids.
Despite all this, the war Party in Washington continually argues that it  is not responsible for the atrocities committed in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition. Its Secretary of State Kerry even has the guts to ask Tehran to help end the war, which is ridiculous and hypocritical at best.
However, the United States’ involvement is such that it is culpable for the Saudis’ war crimes. America’s participation in specific military operations, such as providing advice on targeting decisions and aerial refueling during bombing raids, make American forces jointly responsible for laws-of-war violations and war crimes by Saudi-led forces as well.
Quite the opposite, Iran is not a party to this conflict and cannot help the warmongers end it in its current shape and form. As a party to the conflict, the U.S. is obligated to force the Saudis stop their bombing raids on civilian targets first. The War Party and its cohorts can then ask Iran to help bring peace to all.

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