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Publish Date : 09 February 2022 - 21:53

KHARTOUM (Dispatches) – A Sudanese envoy was on a secret visit to the occupied territories on Wednesday in order to “promote ties” with the Zionist regime, a source with close knowledge of the visit said, and reported by Reuters.
The presidential envoy arrived in the occupied territories at the beginning of the week, the source said. There was no immediate confirmation from Zionist or Sudanese officials.
Sudan moved toward normalizing ties with the Zionist regime in 2020. Envoys have travelled between the two sides since then, though no official pact has yet been signed.
Sudan’s military is seen to have led the move toward the occupying regime while civilian groups have been reluctant about it. The Sudanese military seized power in the country on 25 October, ending a partnership with civilian political parties that began after the army toppled Omar al-Bashir as Sudan’s ruler in 2019.
According to the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya news website, a Sudanese source said that the official was accompanied by “senior military and intelligence leaders.”
The visit comes a few weeks after as Zionist delegation visited Sudan to meet with Sudan’s military chief and de facto leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.
The Sudanese military, led by coup leader Gen. Burhan, seized power last October, after detaining Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and other civilian leaders and dissolving the year-old transitional government as well as the joint ruling military-civilian sovereign council.
He also declared a state of emergency and vowed to form what he called a competent government.
The move drew anger and outrage across the North African country and sparked international outcry, including from the UN Security Council. The country has been rocked by protests since then.
While the coup has been censured everywhere, the regime in Tel Aviv has chosen to be silent. Experts see it as an approval of the Sudanese military’s actions by the Zionist regime.
There are reports that the coup could have been engineered by the Zionist regime to have a friendlier ruler in Khartoum.

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