News ID: 99643
Publish Date : 04 February 2022 - 21:27

BRUSSELS (AFP) – Major oil terminals in some of Western Europe’s biggest ports have fallen victim to a cyberattack at a time when energy prices are already soaring, sources confirmed.
Belgian prosecutors have launched an investigation into the hacking of oil facilities in the country’s maritime entryways, including Antwerp, Europe’s second biggest port after Rotterdam.
In Germany, prosecutors said they were investigating a cyberattack targeting oil facilities in what was described as a possible ransomware strike, in which hackers demand money to reopen hijacked networks.
Oil prices hit a seven-year high last month amid diplomatic tensions with gas supplier Russia, and energy bills are fuelling a rise in inflation that has spooked European policymakers.
According to a specialized broker, the alleged hacking is affecting several European ports and is disrupting the unloading of barges in this already strained market.

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