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Publish Date : 31 January 2022 - 21:26

TEHRAN – Director General of the Arab and African Department of the Trade Development Organization of Iran (TPO) Farzad Piltan said on Monday that the Iranian industry ministry will head a delegation on the visits to Oman and the UAE from February 6 to 8.
Iran’s industry minister Fatemi Amin will travel to the UAE at the head of a large business and economic delegation consisting of the representatives of the private sector as well as the representatives of government organizations, according to Piltan.
He added that the UAE trip is aimed at visiting the Dubai Expo exhibition and participating in a business meeting with the Iranian business people living in the UAE as well as business people from different countries living in Dubai.
He added that Fatemi Amin will also meet with government officials of the UAE and private sector representatives of the UAE.
According to the TPO official, the Iranian minister will travel to Oman from February 8 to 10 to participate in the Joint Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Sultanate of Oman at the head of an economic and trade delegation.
Piltan recalled that the two countries of Iran and Oman are scheduled to discuss economic ties, especially in the fields of investments, trade, industry, mining, air and sea transport and transit, energy, technical services and engineering, tourism, culture as well as judicial, consular, labor and health issues during the 19th meeting of the Joint Commission.

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