News ID: 99365
Publish Date : 28 January 2022 - 21:49

BAGHDAD (Dispatches) – Several rockets were fired at Baghdad International Airport compound and near an adjacent U.S. air base at dawn on Friday, damaging one airplane, Iraqi police sources said.
The rockets landed on the airport’s runways or parking areas, a security source told AFP.
A second security source said six rockets had fallen around installations at the airport, while a third source identified the plane as a Boeing 767.
An Iraqi security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Iraq’s Shafaq news agency that the rocket attack took place at around 4:30 a.m. local time (0130 GMT).
He noted that Iraqi counter-rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) systems could intercept a number of the incoming projectiles.
Iraqi Airways posted on its social media pages pictures of the damage, consisting of a hole near the nose of the plane.
No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, which is the latest in a series of assaults that have targeted U.S. occupation forces over the past few months.
Iraqi lawmakers have approved a bill that requires the government to end the presence of all foreign military forces led by the U.S. in the country.

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