News ID: 99209
Publish Date : 23 January 2022 - 21:45

TEHRAN – Deputy Ministry of Agricultural Jihad for Economic and Planning Affairs Muhammad Ghorbani said on Sunday that 6,263,000 tons of agricultural products, valued at $3.878 billion, were exported from the country in the first nine months of the current year (March 21-Dec. 22).
Referring to the import of agricultural products into the country, he stated that 6,893,000 tons of animal corn, 5,028,000 tons of wheat, 2,678,000 tons of barley and 1,823,000 tons of soybean were imported into the country in the same period.
He further noted that 443,000 tons of poultries, valued at $406 million, 88,000 tons of fisheries, valued at $159 million, $1.409 billion worth of agricultural products and also $1.707 billion worth of horticultural products were exported from the country in this period.

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