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Publish Date : 20 December 2021 - 21:23

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – The Zionist regime’s spy agency Mossad’s former chief Yossi Cohen revealed regime secrets to a flight attendant with whom he was having an affair, as well as to her husband, Israel’s Channel 13 broadcaster reported.
According to a TV special, the full investigation of which is expected to be premiered on Tuesday in Hebrew, Cohen’s affair began in late 2018 and saw him boast to the pair about different sensitive facts from the spy agency’s operations around the world, as well as give them information on his foreign travels.
“He told lots of stories, including about Mossad,” Guy Shiker, the flight attendant’s husband told the outlet, per The Times of Israel’s translation.
“He’s a blabbermouth. He started telling me that Mossad was ‘sitting’ on a doctor of a well-known Arab leader,” he noted.
The flight attendant’s husband claimed that Cohen also revealed insights about his management approach, in particular, that he allegedly fired six top agency officials in the first 10 days at his post, “because they weren’t loyal to the system”.
“They weren’t good. They thought I was their best friend when we were equals. The moment I was appointed [I fired them], without mercy,” Cohen reportedly told Shiker.
More to the story, the husband shared with the channel that Cohen would send his wife texts in which he referred to her as “my princess” and “my beauty”.
“You love my wife, she loves you, you’re destroying a family right now,” Shiker told the spy chief.
According to the Times of Israel, in response to the allegations, Cohen claimed that he never divulged any classified material or security secrets.
The latest allegations are not exactly new, as the former spy was accused of divulging regime secrets and communicating with a flight attendant back in the summer. The Zionist regime’s attorney general Avichai Mandelblit was reportedly considering a complaint lodged with the ministry of judicial affairs at the time.

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