News ID: 97596
Publish Date : 11 December 2021 - 21:50

CAIRO (MEMO) – The number of journalists currently behind bars in Egypt stands at 25, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPI) revealed in a report documenting violations against journalists worldwide.
According to the report, this number is the highest compared with other countries in the Arab world, with Saudi Arabia ranking second.
The report divulged that the number of detained journalists reached a global high in 2021, noting that 293 reporters were imprisoned worldwide until 1 December.
The report noted that despite a lower count of journalists in detention in Saudi Arabia, this does not signify progress in the freedom of the press.
“Authoritarian leaders are increasingly finding more sophisticated ways to block independent reporters and outlets – notably internet shutdowns and increased surveillance through high-tech spyware – than keeping them behind bars,” the report detailed.

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