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Publish Date : 16 November 2021 - 21:23

TEHRAN (Honaronline) –Works by Laleh Memar Ardestani Screened at the London Contemporary Printing Festival.
Sixth London Woolwich Contemporary Printing Festival and Exhibition It will run from November 11 to 14, 2021, and its online version will run until November 28.
Printmaking,It is a broad term that encompasses a number of techniques and processes. An original print is an original work of art that is presented by the artist as a single or multiple copies. Printing is also a great way to learn about the art process, discover new artists, and test the favourites and confidence of those interested. Since there is usually more than one printed copy of each image, it is much easier to pay for an original print than an artist’s oil or watercolor painting.
Now in its sixth year, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair offers an incredible line-up of nearly 1000 artworks, from over 500 artists, famous names and specialist galleries. Visitors will have the opportunity to collect original prints from the most exciting artists working today at accessible price points, as well as take part in an interactive programme of talks, seminars, workshops and more from leading Curators, Collectors & Creatives.
In the sixth period of Woolwich Works by Laleh Memar Ardestani have also been displayed. In her new collection, Ardestani deals with the outbreak of COVID_19 and talks about social distance. A distance that saves lives, but some people do not seem to understand it.

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