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Publish Date : 07 November 2021 - 21:26

TEHRAN (Honaronline) –Works by 16 Iranian artists will be on display in Artissima art fair 2021,Italy.
Artissima is the main contemporary art fair in Italy. Since its foundation in 1994, it has combined its presence on the international market with a great focus on experimentation and research.
Galleries from all over the world participate in the fair every year. In addition to the exhibition ( Main Section , Dialogue / Monologue , New Entries , Art Spaces & Editions ), Artissima consists of three artistic sections directed by boards of curators and directors of international museums, dedicated to emerging artists ( Present Future ), to drawing ( Drawings ) and to the rediscovery of the great pioneers of contemporary art ( Back to the Future ).
From 2020, the three curated sections are virtually hosted on the Artissima XYZ digital platform, and in 2021 they will also have a collective physical display in the exhibition hall.
Mohsen Gallery with works of Sasan Abri, Majid Biglari, Samira Hodaei, and Amir-Nasr Kamgooyan and Inja Gallery has displayed works by Negar Farajiani, Abolfazl Harouni.
Dastan+2 Gallery is participating in this event by showing works by six artists; Fereydoun Ave, Seroj Barseghian, Maryam Eivazi, Bita Fayyazi, Asal Perovi, and Mohammad Piryaee.
O Gallery with the works of Ashkan Sanei, Farniyaz Zaker and Aab-Anbar Gallery with the works of Hessam Samavatian and Majid Fathizadeh are presenting in this event.
The fair is curated by Artissima srl, a company belonging to the Torino Musei Foundation .
The event opened on November 5 and will run for three days.-

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