News ID: 96045
Publish Date : 31 October 2021 - 21:36

TEHRAN, IRNA – Iran’s Agriculture Minister Javad Sadatinezhad has said that with regards to the neighboring countries’ capacities and potentials and in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iran can boost its agricultural products exports to regional countries and become the region’s hub in this respect.
Speaking in a meeting with Agricultural Ministry’s deputies, Sadatinezhad said that the Ministry should make a list of the country’s import and export packages, as well as the its needs in agricultural technology to be presented to the Foreign Ministry’s economic deputy office to be referred to Iranian embassies.
Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Mehdi Safari at the meeting said that the Foreign Ministry stressed the country’s agricultural cooperation with neighboring countries and asked the Ministry of Agriculture to declare Iran’s agricultural potentials and import demands to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He said that it was necessary to come up with methods for decreasing exit of currency from the country through transferring the required agricultural technologies with the help of the Foreign Ministry, emphasizing that the two ministries need to keep in constant touch.

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