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Publish Date : 30 October 2021 - 21:52

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

In a dramatic turn of events, after years of trying to evade responsibility for their crimes against fellow Arab Muslims, several Persian Gulf regimes seem to be saying collectively with one voice, ‘yes we invaded Yemen to serve US-Israeli interests, and feel no inhibitions in massacring the Yemeni people, making them homeless, and destroying their infrastructure.’
Kudos to the courageous person, whose pinpointing of the plain truth whisked away the fig leaf and left no choice for Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait, but to publicly admit through their words and deeds that they are the purveyors of state terrorism in the Arab world.
In other words, these rootless and unrepresentative regimes, which are British creation that cling to the American apron for survival and have now willingly put their necks under the Zionist yoke, mean to say that their betrayal of the Arab cause is not limited to the backstabbing of the Palestinians or the treason against Syria, but includes the worsening of the economic crisis in Lebanon and if possible the collapse of the newly formed government in Beirut.
Lebanon’s newly nominated Information Minister George Kordahi is being shamelessly targeted by these regimes for his frank and forthright remarks in the interest of Arab unity and prevention of inter-Arab wars by calling the Saudi-UAE invasion of Yemen “futile” and saying “the Yemeni army forces and their allied fighters from Popular Committees (Ansarullah) are defending themselves against aggression.”
His words seem to have hit the aggressors where it hurts and exposed to the whole world their treacherous designs.
As a result these Persian Gulf Arab states have expelled the Lebanese ambassadors from their capitals, severed trade ties with Lebanon, and recalled their own ambassadors from Beirut in a bid to force the resignation of Kordahi, if not the collapse of Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s newly formed government.
It is worth noting that Kordahi did not express his views after assuming charge of the ministry of information, but had aired his opinion in an interview way back on August 5 during an interview by an online show affiliated with Qatar’s al Jazeera television network.
Although some mercenary politicians in Lebanon have criticized Kordahi, he has dismissed any idea of resignation, while defending his comments on Yemen as an analyst before being nominated minister, and so has Premier Miqati who said his cabinet will not be dissolved.
President Michel Aoun, who has the support of the Lebanese people, has also brushed aside the ballyhoo of the Persian Gulf regimes.
The Resistance Front in Lebanon has reiterated its solid support for Kordahi and Miqati’s government by denouncing the pressure tactics of the reactionary Arab regimes and their Lebanese mercenaries as a Zionist plot to embroil Lebanon into a civil war.
Meanwhile, the spokesman for Yemen’s popular Ansarullah Movement has called on the Lebanese nation not to yield to Saudi Arabia’s latest pressures against their country.
Spokesman Mohammed Abdus-Salaam said in his twitter post: “Saudi Arabia’s insistence on the policy of conceit and arrogance will not conceal the catastrophic failure of its aggression against Yemen.”
He addressed the Lebanese people, saying: “Do not be intimidated by what the Saudi regime is doing as it is empty-handed and crestfallen, by the grace of God, following Yemen defeat.”

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