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Publish Date : 13 October 2021 - 21:43


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

There is a famous hadith that on the Day of Judgement when a bowl of blood would be given as drink to a person who while alive had apparently not personally killed anyone and would express surprise on being charged with murder, he would be reminded that since he had expressed approval at the killing by others of such and such innocent soul, he is therefore a partner in the crime of manslaughter.
If the punishment for mere approval of an unconnected murder by someone else is so horrific, where in the torrid fires of hell will be cast the devils in human form such as Chengiz Khan, Hitler, Saddam, and many of the Zionist ringleaders and US presidents, including Harry Truman who ordered the dropping of atom bombs on Japanese cities.
Since Jesus (peace upon him) was a Prophet of God, there might be, more or less, a similar saying in Christian religious literature of which we are not aware.
It is for the learned fathers of the church to publicly express such divinely-inspired statements as warnings for those heads of western countries committing crimes against human and destroying the environment.
The man, or more properly the mass murderer, under focus these days is the Brazilian president.
Climate activists have filed a complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Jair Bolsonaro, charging him with “crimes against humanity” for his role in the destruction of the vast Amazon eco-system which is considered as the lungs of the Planet.
On Tuesday, in their complaint to the Hague-based court in the Netherlands, activists of the Austrian environmental advocacy group “Allrise” called for an investigation into Bolsonaro and his administration for actions “directly connected to the negative impacts of climate change around the world.”
He is also charged with waging a widespread campaign resulting in the killing of environmental defenders and of endangering the global population through emissions caused by deforestation.
The activists say Bolsonaro’s regime has sought to “systematically remove, neuter, and eviscerate laws, agencies and individuals that serve to protect the Amazon.”
They estimate that emissions attributable to Bolsonaro and his regime, because of rampant deforestation, would cause more than 180,000 excess heat-related deaths globally by 2100.
According to the petition, Bolsonaro is responsible for nearly 4,000 square kilometers (400,000 hectares) of lost rainforest each year and has presided over monthly deforestation rates that had accelerated by up to 88 percent since taking office in January 2019.
These are not the only crimes the Brazilian president has committed and is committing against humanity.
Protestors who regularly take to the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in tens of thousands calling Bolsonaro a murderer and demanding his resignation, point out that in addition to destroying the economy of Brazil, the president has deliberately mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in the death of nearly 600,000 Brazilians from the virus.
The Brazilians may or may not succeed in kicking out from office such a sadistically cruel person, but the campaign of the people against the likes of Bolsonaro against similar state actors of terrorism, ought to be accelerated so that our world would be cleansed of such murderous regimes, as the Zionists, the imperialists, the racists, and the chauvinists.

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