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Publish Date : 12 October 2021 - 21:43

Women’s filmfest in Italy presents Iranian music composer with an award for the soundtrack of ‘Janbal’ film.
The organizers of the 20201 edition of the Italian fest granted the Best Soundtrack award to Ehsan Sedigh for his impressive music used for Mina Bozorgmehr and Hadi Kamalimoghadam.
‘Janbal’ which is set on the island of Hormuz - the Land of Colorful Sands - tells a legendary love story. The flick features a layered patchwork of documentary and fantasy, performance art and poetry.
The title is inspired by an ancient Hormuz Island myth, in which people sacrifice the clothes of the deceased to the sea so that the goddess Sea-Mother will cleanse their souls.
The Italian film event whose mission, according to an online film submission platform, “is to give visibility to women” was held in early October.

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