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Publish Date : 28 September 2021 - 23:08

Minister Says Iran to Resume Issuing Tourist Visas

TEHRAN - Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft, Seyyed Ezatollah Zarghami has said that Iran will resume issuing tourist visas for foreigners in a few weeks at the order of President Ebrahim Raisi after a 19-month hiatus.
He wrote on Twitter, “I thank the president for his wise and supportive stance towards the tourism industry at the government meeting and the order to expedite the issuance of tourist visas. Yesterday, the proposed governors all presented a program on tourism. This is very good.”
Meanwhile, the National Corona Management Headquarters has issued a directive that says tourist visas for travelers across international borders are permissible within the framework of the Passenger Traffic Guidelines of the Foreign Ministry.
The decree emphasizes that direct and indirect entry of Iranians and foreign nationals from/to land borders and also air borders by presenting a vaccine card, negative PCR test and observing the protocols and instructions approved by the Ministry of Health is allowable from the first of October this year.
Iran stopped issuing tourist visas in April 2016 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the suspension of most international flights and the closure of land borders following the approval of the National Corona Headquarters, but medical, business and study visas were issued non-stop.