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Publish Date : 28 September 2021 - 23:07

Iranian documentary ‘Parizad’ won the best documentary award of the Festival of Nations in Austria.
Directed and produced by Mehdi Imani Shamiri, ‘Parizad’, which recently reached the final section of the Golden Tree International Documentary Festival in Germany, was introduced as the best documentary at the Festival del Cinema all’Aperto in Italy.
This documentary, which was produced in 2019-2020, introduces one of the handicrafts of the women of Chashm village.
The documentary is about ‘Gelich’ a special rug that is woven only in the Chasm area. There are beautiful legends and tales of mothers and grandmothers about this rug, which are narrated in ‘Prizad’.
The international short film festival takes place in Lenzing, a small village near lake Attersee. Every year, it welcome filmmakers from all over the world. The festival shows fiction, animation and documentaries from 1 to 30 minutes duration. What makes the festival special is the open discussions between the jury, filmmakers and the audience right after each film block.
The festival was held on September 9-14, 2021in Austria.

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