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Publish Date : 22 September 2021 - 21:59

SANA’A (Dispatches) – Yemeni forces have advanced as far as just 50 kilometers away from the strategic west-central province of Ma’rib’s capital.
Reporting on Wednesday, Al Jazeera network said the country’s army and Popular Committees had regained full control over the province’s Harib District that lies to the south of Ma’rib’s capital.
Meanwhile, Ma’rib’s governor Ali Ta’iman warned that the Saudi-led coalition had been dispatching “thousands” of terrorists from the Daesh and Al-Qaeda Takfiri terrorist groups towards Harib to undo the forces’ gains, al-Masirah television network reported.
He, therefore, urged Harib’s residents to resist against the terrorists and prevent them from entrenching themselves among civilians.
Ever since the start of the war, the coalition has been counting on the terrorists to help its forces on the ground and also create diversionary fronts elsewhere to distract Yemeni defense forces from their ongoing operations.
The Yemeni forces had advanced close to Ma’rib’s capital—that bears the same name as the province itself—before this too.
The absence of rocky and mountainous terrains in the province that could lend hideouts to the forces and shield them from the invading coalition’s airstrikes, had, however, prevented them from building substantially on their gains.
The forces have, therefore, been trying to gain ground in Shabwah and al-Bayda Provinces that neighbor Ma’rib Province’s to the south in order to be able to lay siege on the Saudi-led forces in Ma’rib.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s military killed several Yemeni civilians in indiscriminate attacks, contradicting the Riyadh rulers’ claims that they are committed to a political situation to the conflict.
At least five civilians lost their lives in separate shelling and shooting attacks by Saudi forces across Yemen, on the same day that the kingdom’s cabinet alleged the regime was seeking a political solution to the war on Yemen.
Local sources told -Masirah television network that a couple lost their lives when Saudi-backed militants opened fire on them in an area of the Salh district of the southwestern Ta’izz province late Tuesday. A man sustained gunshot wounds as well.
A civilian was also killed in Raqou area of the Monabbih district in northwestern province of Sa’ada, when Saudi border guards fired indiscriminate shots.
Earlier in the day, Saudi forces shelled a residential neighborhood in the Rahabah district of Yemen’s central province of Ma’rib, leaving a couple dead and a woman seriously wounded.

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