News ID: 94622
Publish Date : 20 September 2021 - 21:53

Terrorist Cell Dismantled, Two Members Killed in Clashes

TEHRAN -- Iran’s security forces have identified and dismantled a terrorist team in the country’s northwestern province of West Azarbaijan, killing two members and arresting several during armed clashes.
The team planned to carry out acts of terror against Iranian military forces, extort money from the rich to hand it over to counterrevolutionary groups and intimidate local residents and prominent figures, the intelligence ministry said.
A large cache of weapons and ammunition were also confiscated from the band.
According to the ministry, the terrorist cell was affiliated to the foreign spy agencies. Its plots to carry out acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks against Iran’s vital and sensitive centers were nipped in the bud.
In July, Iranian security forces disbanded a takfiri terrorist group that sought to carry out simultaneous terrorist attacks in several provinces in cooperation with intelligence services of two European and regional countries.
Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Muhammad Baqeri on Sunday warned about the activities of anti-Iran terrorist groups in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, emphasizing they will be fully dismantled in case they insist on their mischief.
“Unfortunately, we witness that armed counter-revolutionary groups are actively operating in northern Iraq because of apathy shown on the part of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the central Iraqi government’s weaknesses as a result of Americans’ presence,” the top general said on the sidelines of an official ceremony here.
The Iranian commander said the terrorist groups, provoked by the U.S., the occupying regime of Israel and certain reactionary

Arab regimes, have tried to expand their operations.
“Although they have not managed to cause any major trouble yet, they have been a source of insecurity and concern in some border areas of Iran. We do not tolerate such mischief,” General Baqeri said.
The official said the Baghdad government and the KRG should not allow terrorist groups to establish training bases, radio and television stations, and camps in northern Iraq, wage attacks on Iranian border regions and assassinate Iranians.
Earlier this month, the IRGC Ground Force used suicide and combat drones as well as smart and precision-guided artillery to target terrorists in the rugged mountains of Iraq’s Kurdistan region.
It came days after the force’s commander, Brigadier General Muhammad Pakpour, warned the KRG not to allow terrorist groups to use its territory to threaten the Islamic Republic.
Iraqi Kurdistan Region has long been used by anti-Iran terror groups such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its offshoot, PJAK, which are active in Iraq and Turkey, to launch occasional attacks against Iranian border guards and border areas in northwestern parts of the country.
The attacks have been met with the crushing response of Iran’s border guards and other military units deployed to those areas.