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Publish Date : 19 September 2021 - 22:29

SpikoGen Vaccine Second Trial Highly Successful

TEHRAN (FNA) - A senior researcher on the Iranian-Australian COVID-19 SpikoGen vaccine said that the vaccine has proved a high level of immunity in the volunteers’ bodies in the second phase of human trial.
“The good thing about the vaccine is that the blood serum in 87% of people who have received SpikoGen has deactivated the virus when exposed to the coronavirus,” Payam Tabarsi said on Saturday.
“In the third phase, this study has been performed on 16,800 people and we are waiting for the results of its effectiveness, which will be determined within a month,” he added.
Tabarsi said the Iranian health ministry is likely to license the emergency use of SpikoGen after the revelation of the results of the third phase, and added that the country will then be able to produce 3mln doses of the vaccine per month.
SpikoGen is a recombinant protein subunit vaccine.
The vaccine has passed the pre-clinical and first phase of clinical test in Australia and confirmed by the Australian Health Ministry.
Iran’s Health Ministry also authorized the vaccine to continue with its second and third phases of clinical test in Iran.
Tabarsi had said in July that the SpikoGen vaccine works on a double-dose immunity platform.
Iran is producing different types of coronavirus vaccines indigenously and in cooperation with other states.