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Publish Date : 15 September 2021 - 22:14

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The arrival last Tuesday of the first fuel-laden ship from Iran at the Syrian port of Baniyas with its 33,000 metric tons of gasoline to be transferred to energy-starved Lebanon, is not only a setback for the US policy of economic terrorism, but speaks volumes of the Islamic Republic’s humanitarian efforts to provide relief to various world countries targeted by the satanic American regime.
Earlier this year, Iran had sent several fuel-laden ships to oil-rich Venezuela to help it overcome the shortage at its refineries which has now been resolved, much to the exasperation of the US that had tried in vain to manipulate the crisis for undermining the elected government of Nicolas Maduro.
Indeed the roles played by Iran and the US on the regional and international scenes are diametrically opposed to each other. If Iran is the angel, the US is the incarnation of the devil. And this is clear to all the world people.
Iran provides stability to the region and saves elected governments and the legitimate popular representatives of the people from the destabilization policy of the US and possible collapse through macabrely murderous terrorists or unelected and illegitimate client regimes.
The vivid examples in this regard are Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, and to a certain extent Venezuela.
Now it is the turn of the American-sanctioned people of Lebanon, irrespective of their religious denominations, such as Shi’a Muslim, Sunni Muslim, Maronite Christian, Orthodox Christian, Druze or Armenian, to benefit from the egalitarian policies of the Islamic Republic.
Imagine the plight of people when the price of a gallon of petrol has risen by 220 percent, crippling the economy and bringing to a virtual halt work at factories, hospitals, electric grids, waterworks, and so on.
This is an undeniable proof that the US regime is public enemy number one of all humanity.
Thanks, however, to Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, relief has finally come to the Lebanese people in the form of the first shipment of Iranian fuel which as was announced by the revered Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah is a purely low priced
humanitarian measure without any commercial purpose or business venture.
The newly arrived fuel will be first supplied to the hospitals, orphanages, the electric grid, waterworks, and other essential units of public welfare.
Three more fuel-laden ships from Iran are scheduled to arrive at the Syrian port in order to tide over the current crisis.
It took 19 days for the shipment to arrive from Iran, and this warrants urgent measures by all sides concerned to
alleviate the sufferings of the people of Lebanon.
The first step ought to be an agreement with the government of Iraq to supply oil to Lebanon through Syria in exchange for Iranian oil.
The next step should be the reconstruction of the long damaged Kirkuk-Baniyas pipeline, followed by practical measures to start work on the grand Iran-Iraq-Syria oil pipeline project, envisaged a decade back, with a refinery in Damascus for hydrocarbon exports to the European markets.
Of course, these would take considerable time, hence the urgent measure to defuse the fuel crisis in Lebanon is for both Iran and Iraq to get together to send oil tankers to Syria in order to save time and costs of the circuitous ship journey through the Gulf of Oman, the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, and the Mediterranean Sea.
Only the countries forming the Resistance Movement have the capabilities and the resolve to work for the collective development of the region and saving the people of West Asia from the terrorism of the US and its agents.

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