News ID: 94440
Publish Date : 15 September 2021 - 22:14

Iranian Documentary On Way to Turkey’s Cultural Festival

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- Iranian documentary ‘Karbafi’ has been scheduled to take part in the Foca International Archeology and Cultural Heritage Film Days (Foca Film Days) in Turkey.
The documentary on ancient Iranian art of karbafi, made by Ehsan Mollazadeh and Mostafa Sarouqi, will be among the competition titles to go on screen at the Turkish film event’s 4th edition.
‘Karbafi’ movie tries to introduce a type of art-form and textile making that soon will be faded away.
It was, however, once in the history of Iran practice in every household in the city of Meybod, Yazd province. The weavers or the artists, who make these types of fabrics, in fact do a very difficult job as the whole process is done manually.
Nowadays, due to the existence of industrial textile and the fact that the process of weaving by hand is time-consuming, much fewer practitioners of this art continue with it.
Some local residents from various art disciplines are the team members of the Foca Film Days that is an event trying to revive the dying diverse cultures and nature.
This year’s edition of the fest is slated for October 20-26.