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Publish Date : 14 September 2021 - 21:37

GAZA STRIP (Dispatches) –
A senior Likud Knesset member has said that the head of Palestinian Hamas resistance movement in Gaza, Yahya Al-Sinwar, clearly does not care about the threats made by Zionist prime minister Naftali Bennett.
According to Maydan News, former espionage and foreign affairs minister Yisrael Katz said that while Bennett is threatening Sinwar, the Hamas official continues to fire rockets at the [settlement of] Sderot.
“For him, Bennett is a chick that has no feathers,” said Katz. “All promises made by Bennett to make running Sderot like running Tel Aviv have been buried in the sand dunes of Gaza.”
His remarks followed the meeting between Bennett and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in the Egyptian resort city of Sharm Al-Sheik. Bennett apparently asked Sisi to help him achieve calm in Gaza and put pressure on Hamas to stop launching retaliatory rockets at Sderot, a settlement built on the land of the village of Najd, whose Palestinian inhabitants were ethnically-cleansed during the creation of the occupation state.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Hamas said on Monday that the Palestinian people “must have an economic window” to the outside world, APA has reported. Hazem Qasem made his comment in response to Zionist foreign minister Yair Lapid’s plan to boost the Gaza Strip’s economy in return for security for the occupying regime.
“The Palestinian people in Gaza have the right to have a free and dignified life,” insisted Qasem, “as well as to get all kinds of assistance that reinforce their resilience.”
Zionist regime authorities, he added, are living through a “real crisis” as they are unable to impose their agenda on the Palestinian resistance groups. “Hence, it is proposing an economic plan in return for tranquility.”
Lapid proposed his economy plan on Sunday. It is based on “money for security” through which economic improvements in Gaza would be made in return for calm and the effective surrender of the Palestinian resistance in the besieged territory.

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