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Publish Date : 13 September 2021 - 22:15

Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi on Monday thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for supporting and standing by Islamabad in times of difficulty.
Alvi made the remarks while addressing the joint sitting of the parliament on the advent of 4th Parliamentary Year.
He mentioned Iran as a friend and supporter of Pakistan at all times and on behalf of the government and people of Pakistan, Alvi thanked Islamic Republic for its clear support for Pakistan and its regional positions.
Referring to the developments in Afghanistan and the consequences of the continuing unrest in the neighboring country he said Islamabad will continue its efforts to help the people of Afghanistan.
He also stressed the need for the participation of countries in the region and neighbors to help Afghanistan.
A joint meeting of Pakistani National Assembly and Senate representatives to mark the third year of the country’s parliament was attended by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, cabinet ministers, commanders of the armed forces, and ambassadors of various countries.

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