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Publish Date : 12 September 2021 - 21:59

TEHRAN -- The Second
International Conference on the Decline of the American Empire, focusing on the future of global changes, will be held in Tehran in November.
The Imam Hussein University and the Secretariat of Iran’s Expediency Council will host the conference on November 2, 2021, with the theme “The Post-American World” and a focus on the future of global transformations.
Its secretariat has invited professors, students, researchers and managers of institutions, think tanks, scientific-research organizations and centers active in the field of international relations, politics, economics, culture and society to participate at the conference.
The first conference, entitled “The Decline of the United States: Past Trends and Future Changes,” was held last year with the participation of more than 40 local and foreign universities and research centers and think tanks.
The main topics of this year’s conference will be as follows:
Why, how and what of the post American world.
Dimensions of post American world
Signs of the appearance of the post American world
Strategies for appearance of the post American world
The role and position of the Islamic revolution in the post American world
Cyberspace and post American world
The secretariat has called on university professors, students and researchers to send abstracts and register on the conference website not later than the end of September. Enthusiasts can visit www.usdecline.ir for further information.
The conference will introduce the research figure of the year. The top ten articles will also be honored with prizes and the top three researchers will be awarded research grants.

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