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Publish Date : 12 September 2021 - 21:59

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It is without the least doubt a feather in the cap of Iran, especially of its navy which made its presence felt on the international scene for the first time ever in history on a mission lasting 133 days and covering 45,000 km through three oceans and passing by 55 countries of three continents.
The Islamic Republic’s 75th Fleet made up of the Makran forward base ship and the Sahand destroyer to which seven fast attack boats were attached, successfully completed its mission to participate in the 325th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian navy at the Baltic seaport of St. Petersburg, thereby confusing Iran’s archenemy, the US.
As hailed by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei: “Today, by the grace of God, the military of the Islamic Republic of Iran is present on the scene with its insightful, zealous, and tireless staff. It is ready to act swiftly for the lofty goals of the glorious Islamic Revolution. Maintain and upgrade these capabilities.”
So fully equipped was the Iranian flotilla that the warships did not need to make any port call to meet even the technical needs of such a long journey, which means Iran fully possess the technology and the marine expertise for such long journeys.
The bewilderment of the Americans who were kept guessing on the purpose of the Iranian flotilla’s trans-Atlantic voyage and had speculated that Tehran might be sending fuel and armaments to either Venezuela or Cuba, could best be summed up by the grudging tribute paid by a US expert.
James Kraska, a professor of international maritime law at the US Naval War College, dismissing American threats, admitted that the Iranian flotilla “is entitled to sovereign immunity and not subject to the jurisdiction of any other state.”
He added: “Like US naval auxiliaries, it (the Iranian flotilla) may carry out the full range of naval support missions and is protected by sovereign immunity.”
Well, whether or not the Americans and the Europeans acknowledge the Islamic Republic’s capabilities, there is now no looking back for Iran’s growing naval presence worldwide for the sake of fostering international solidarity, and ensuring maritime peace and security.
In other words, Iran, in view of its abundant resources and resolve to promote trade ties with the free world, is all set to provide protection for international trade by thwarting piracy on the high seas as well as the buccaneering activities of the modern corsairs led by the CENTCOM terrorists.
The day might not be far when our region would become free of the unwanted presence of the intruding fleet of the US and other western powers.

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