News ID: 94307
Publish Date : 12 September 2021 - 21:56

senior researcher of Iranian-Australian COVID-19 SpikoGen vaccine said that the vaccine will be authorized to be administered in Iran as the third phase of its clinical test is coming to end.
“The authorization of SpikoGen vaccine will administered in Iran by the Iranian Health Ministry,” Payam Tabarsi, a coronavirus specialist, said.
He pointed out that SpikogGen’s manufacturer, CinnaGen company, has a capacity to produce 3 million doses a month, and said, “The vaccine has produced 77-percent immunity in its second phase of clinical test and the third phase would be completed by the end of September.”
In the first and second phases of clinical test, 16,800 and 2,500 people, respectively received the vaccine and 400 people have registered for the third phase.
The vaccine has passed the pre-clinical and first phase of clinical test in Australia and confirmed by the Australian Health Ministry.
Iran’s Health Ministry also authorized the vaccine to continue with its second and third phases of clinical test in Iran.

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