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Publish Date : 11 September 2021 - 21:20


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

From the very outset we have been saying in the Viewpoint Columns of Kayhan International that the US uttered the most preposterous lies regarding the suspicious events of September 11 in New York.
Now that lie has come full circle with the end of the 20-year American occupation of Afghanistan on the basis of that most shameless lie.
Twenty years ago, FBI and Mossad got together to hatch the most scandalous plot of the century. They advised the Jews working in New York’s 110-storey high twin-tower World Trade Center not to come for work that day.
They had wired the basement of the landmark with explosives and then flown two pilotless planes, supposedly from Boston, without any passenger on board, to plough through each of the two towers on the impact of which the edifice imploded and sank on its foundations.
It meant the two light aircraft that waded through to the shock of the horrified onlookers carried no great weight and never caused any explosion to let fly the steel and concrete debris in any direction.
The whole scenario was pre-planned as is evident by the TV cameras of the leading western media horns that were stationed around the World Trade Center to film the whole drama.
President George Bush who was not informed of the plot, on hearing of the incident, is said to have ducked for cover under a table in a far off state that he was visiting.
The cowardly goon, as instructed, then totally changed his tone, calling it an act of terrorism and baying for the blood of innocent Afghans, along with the CIA’s own protégés the al-Qa’eda whose leader Osama bin Laden was now deemed no longer useful for US interests.
The voices of protest of investigative journalists and engineering experts, who tried to point out the facts, were suppressed as the War Department prepared plans for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.
Today, the 9/11 Truth-Diggers are out in full force. They are pointing to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the handing over of power to Washington’s supposed foes and Twin-Tower terrorists, the Taliban, by saying: We told you so.
The US administration is now totally disgraced and its lies exposed to the whole world where no one believes in any word uttered by the satanic clique in Washington, and this includes the 42-year old nonstop allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran or the denial of the Americans in spreading the Coronavirus pandemic all over the world as part of the plot against all mankind.

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