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Publish Date : 07 September 2021 - 21:52


TEHRAN - Deputy
Commander of Iran’s Air Defense Force Brigadier General Abolfazl Sepehrirad has underlined that all movements in his country’s sky are under full monitoring control by means of completely Iran-made defense systems.
“Indigenous design and production of various types of mechanized shower missiles, artillery equipped with active and passive fire control, various short and medium-range tactical missile systems and advanced long-range anti-cruise and anti-ballistic missile system ‘Bavar-373’, are the result of more than 4 decades of effort and self-confidence at defense and air defense systems to get rid of dependence,” General Sepehrirad said.
He pointed out that the Air defense advances in the fields of electronic warfare, passive defense and cyber defense with the design and production of advanced equipment and development of cyber defense and electro-cyber infrastructure has reached a stage that air intruders would regret to approach the airspace of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
“We will definitely confront with any aggressor and lawbreaker, in accordance with the rules and the principle of legitimate defense, as we have shown many times, to adhere to this oath and advise the enemies to act wisely against the Islamic Republic of Iran and not to cross the red line,” he stressed.

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