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Publish Date : 05 September 2021 - 22:17

IBNA- Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Muhammad-Mahdi Esmaeili has ‎been invited by his Russian counterpart Olga Lyubimova to the 9th St. Petersburg ‎International Cultural Forum scheduled for November 11—13, 2021.‎
The St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is the highlight of Russia’s cultural life. It’s an international venue for meetings, open dialogue and exchange of experience between experts in various aspects of culture, public officials, politicians and businessmen from various countries.
The Forum will be dedicated to cultural codes of new reality. Its activities are focused on international cooperation, mutual enrichment of cultures and integration of Russia into the global cultural space.
The Forum is looking and finding new ways to overcome discrepancies and reveal the creative potential of the world’s cultural variety. Consolidation of creative efforts that takes place during the Forum enables reinforcement of international cultural ties and mutual enrichment of cultures.
The main goals of the Forum: development of international cooperation in the sphere of culture; support and development of Russian culture as an important strategic resource of the country; support of cultural initiatives; promotion of high prestige of the Russian culture; assuring best possible availability of cultural and spiritual values; informing the young generation about the heritage of Russian and world culture; positioning of St. Petersburg as one of the cultural capitals of the world.

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