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Publish Date : 31 August 2021 - 21:46

TEHRAN – The Iranian Judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights deplored the West’s support for terrorists and its use of terrorism as a tool to reach colonial objectives.
“The systematic support of terrorists and their affiliates by the U.S. regime and some Western governments is the strong implication of their false claims about the war on terror, using it as a tool to reach their colonial goals,” the council said in a statement on Monday, marking the national Day of Fight against Terrorism.
The occasion is named after the 1981 assassination of then president Muhammad Ali Rajaei and prime minister Muhammad Javad Bahonar.
The two and several other officials had convened at the Tehran office of the Iranian prime minister in a meeting of Iran’s Supreme Defense Council when a bomb explosion ripped through the building.
Survivors said an aide, identified as Massoud Kashmiri, had brought a briefcase into the conference room and then left.
Subsequent investigations revealed that Kashmiri was a member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO or MEK) terrorist group, who had infiltrated the then-prime minister’s office disguised as a state security official.
Following is the text of the statement by the High Council for Human Rights:
Adoption of instrumental and utilitarian policies, approaches and thoughts and its superiority over legal, humane and moral approaches, is the main cause of “Terrorism”; the violation of the fundamental rights of human society and the systematic promotion and spread of the sinister phenomenon destabilizing international and regional peace and security.
The materialistic and selfish experience of the colonial states and their Machiavellian policy, brought about the fact that the establishment of terrorist groups and their use to disrupt the peace and security of countries and even different geographical areas, become the main mechanism in the process of engineering modern colonialism.
The purposeful efforts of some arrogant regimes and gross human rights violators to continue politicized, discriminatory and double standards treatments in dealing with the sinister phenomenon of terrorism, especially through financing and political support of the terrorists, along with offering impunity to these criminals, are threatening international peace and security more than ever. In fact, terrorism is a very costly phenomenon and the support of some Western countries claiming human rights, along with their influence over the responsible international Human Rights organizations, has increased the depth and width of this phenomenon worldwide.
It is with this logic that the Iranian nation, due to its struggle to overthrow the former undemocratic and dependent regime and the establishment of the Islamic government in 1979 with the foundation of independence and freedom, has been angered by the colonial regimes, and from the first months of its existence became one of the victims of widespread terrorist acts, especially by the American, British, French and Zionist regimes.
In this regard, the Iranian nation will never forgive and forget the bitter tragedy of the widespread and brutal assassinations by the terrorist group of MKO, and the killing and wounding tens of thousands of innocent people, especially women and children in cities; villages; the state, public, sports and religious places; universities; the parliament and the residential sites and workplaces of the civilian over the past 42 years. Atrocities in various forms, the peak of which are the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists and the brutal assassination of the greatest human rights defender of the Iranian nation and the nations of the region, and a real fighter against terrorism in all its forms, General Qassem Soleimani.
Excessive planning and investment by supporters of terrorism, especially the U.S. and the Zionist regimes, means the institutionalization of the capacity of terrorism as an effective part of the diplomacy and foreign policy of these false human rights claimants.
It is clear that the lack of confrontation and punishment or any tacit and explicit support for terrorists, whether in Iran or other troubled parts of the world, including Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, results in the spread of this malignant tumor in the body of the international community, and it will pose a serious threat to the international peace and security in all its forms, regardless of the geographical coordinates of the countries.
While remarking Iran as one of the main victims of terrorism in the world and commemorating all the martyrs of terrorism, especially Martyrs Rajai and Bahonar the president and the prime minister of Iran in 1981, The High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran announces:
1. The systematic support of terrorists and their affiliates by the

U.S. regime and some Western governments is the strong implication of their false claims about the war on terror, using it as a tool to reach their colonial goals.
2. Staying silence and refusing to act in response to terrorist events in any corner of the world as well as making a distinction between “good terrorism” and “bad terrorism” definitely lead to the spread of terrorism and unfortunately no government or nation will be safe from its consequences.
3.Governments and international organizations which chose to keep quiet about the most heinous terrorist acts in Iran and have turned a blind eye to the assassination of tens of thousands of innocent people in Iran over the past 42 years, and made their country a safe haven for terrorists by granting them immunity and citizenship are in fact the main founders of the spread of terrorism in the world and the international responsibility resulting from their wrongful act in this regard is definite and will never be subject to the passage of time.
4. Violation of the fundamental rights of nations through terrorism, including gross violations of the right to life, requires that international human rights organizations play an effective role in strengthening peace and international security in the world, while taking serious preventive measures and combating terrorism effectively and comprehensively.
5. The accusation by pro-terrorism regimes against Mughavemat (Resistance) Movement and classifying them as a terrorist group in the information age is an outdated technique which is both costly and worthless.
6. Today, remaining silent and passive and providing terrorists the international podium and facilities, is one of the main threats to international peace and security worldwide and bears responsibilities for the states and international organizations for their assistance in spreading the culture of terrorism and fear.

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